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Gidget Meek

Position: Teacher Grades 4 - 8

Phone: 314-869-7800









Dear Parents,



School begins at 8:30 am. Students need to arrive before school begins. Students will be expected to come early to begin to settle in to their classroom routine (e.g. getting school materials ready). This assists the child in developing a responsible and positive behavior towards their school experience.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, school is dismissed at 3:30 pm. Friday we will dismiss early at 1:30 pm.  All students will be dismissed in an orderly fashion.  The children will be dropped off and picked up at the front door. The students should be dropped off before 8:30 am. In the afternoons, the students should be picked up at 3:30 p.m.  Children will only be released to those persons designated on their car pool list in the office.


Homework will be assigned as needed. Our classroom routine and learning time will allow students to complete most assignments in class. This allows Teacher and students to work deligently in understanding curriculum. In Grade 4-6 students may be given reading and math material for homework to continue practicing these skills. When home work is assigned it will be clearly stated and hand in procedures will be given. Spelling words may be sent home at the beginning of the week. When a student needs to complete classroom assignments it will be sent home for them to complete. This assignment must be returned the following Monday for grading.

Discipline Methods

Our classroom will be inclusive creating an atmosphere of respect, safety, and self responsible behaviors. Our class students will be taught to become responsible for their own destiny by using “7 Habits” ( Be Proactive, Begin with the end in mind, Put First Things First, Think Win-Win, Seek First to Understand and Then be Understood, Synergize, Sharpen the Saw) and “Your consequence is a result of your action” (Whatever you put into your day is what you will get back, and so on) . Other classroom procedures such “Stop-Think-Act Right” and Noise Level Indicator Chart will be implemented as standard procedures. Students will learn that consequences, such as a visit to the principal’s office or loss of recess time, will depend on their choices. These rules will be posted on our classroom walls and will be practiced each day for it to become habit. Students will learn that the behaviors practiced in the classroom at this level will transfer to their everyday lives.

Supply List


Bag Pack
Pencil Box (scissors, pencils, glue sticks, and pencil crayons) leave at school.
Change of clothes for P.E.
Lunch (unless we have special events)

For the school year:

Pencil box
5 (250 sheet) lined page notebooks OR 3 packs of lined paper
2 (2 inch ringed) Binders
Glue sticks
Colored pencils crayons
1 Calculator
1 Geometry set







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